Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now I'm Gobsmacked!

Aw, I'm gonna have to make more button rings! Such a shame. I mean, everybody knows it's something I absolutely hate...right? OK - can you hear the sarcasm dripping off those words? LOL! The first ring I sold after renewing some expired items arrived at its destination yesterday and the buyer (bless her) loved it so much she went back and bought 3 more! As UB says, now I'm more than flabbergasted, I'm gobsmacked! (Brit-speak for being smacked in the mouth, or "gob".) LOL! Anyway - just thought I'd share! I mean, any excuse to drag out the ol' craft stuff again, eh? TTFN JMS PS: It's Veteran's Day today - to find the nearest vet and give him (or her) a hug and thank them for their service!

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