Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Bit, Kiddo, and Hand-Me-Down Clothes...

So my Little Bit still has a temp. Well, not right at the moment, but when she woke us up at 3AM it was 101.4. She's exhibiting no other signs of any kind of illness except for the initial upchucking (and even then, it was just a tiny bit). She doesn't have a runny nose, she isn't having difficulty breathing, her lungs sound clear to me (and I'm an expert...honest. If 30+ years with asthma and bronchial issues doesn't make you an expert, I don't know what will!) and she's not tugging at her ears. Can she possibly be teething at 2 1/2? That was suggested to me, but I can't see how teething can bring a 101.4 degree fever along with it. Maybe that's just me. Anyway - she's really doing OK. She's not floppy and lethargic anymore like she was the first day and seems to be her usual self otherwise. Kiddo has been doing GREAT at school! He didn't get any checks at all last week (did I mention this already?) and he didn't get any checks yesterday, either. His behavior at home, however, definitely leaves something to be desired. I think he and I are going to spend some quality time together tonight going through all of his clothes making sure what he has still fits him and if not, we'll give it to our friend little boy (who is just a few months younger than Little Bit right now. I'm sure they'd love to have them. Plus, they were the ones that gave us bins and bins full of girl clothes when Little Bit came along - so now maybe we can return the favor! Anyway - Kiddo was just given 3 bags of boy clothes from another friend, so after we figure out where we are with what he has, we'll start weeding through the new stuff. I love how kids clothes get passed around through families and friends. It's such a nice thing to be able to fill a need and/or have a need filled - especially for your children. And one final note before I leave off for the day: I just added something new to My Etsy Shop! I really like it because it's simple, yet useful and quite pretty, too - IMHO. TTFN JMS

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