Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Gifts, Baby Cousin's Birthday, Ralph S. Mouse

You know, I've decided that I'm further along with my Christmas gifts than I thought I was! This is exciting to me. I've still got a few other folks to get something for, but it's nowhere near as awful a prospect as I expected it to be! I guess I plan ahead better than I thought I do! There's one thing I ordered, and I'm hoping against hope that it arrives in time to be gifted for Christmas. If not, then I'm not sure what I'll do...although I suppose it's not a huge deal. I've got a TON of stuff to do this weekend because I promised Kiddo that we'd work on decorating the house. I think we're supposed to go get icicle lights for our house...? I've got to get Kiddo to clarify that for me. I'll leave getting the antique Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus lighted plastic lawn ornaments out to my very capable and creative Hubby. But, though I'm scared of heights, I want to do the lights on the house myself. Or, at least be there to direct Hubby while he's doing it. Inside there is quite a bit of picking up and rearranging we need to do in order to accommodate our Christmas Tree. That is going to get done this weekend come H*** or high water. This Christmas is going to be me making it a good, fun, exciting and memorable time for the kids, which means I need to get off my duff and do it. Does anyone remember the Beverly Cleary Ralph S. Mouse series? Mouse and the Motorcycle etc...? I got the three books for Kiddo for Christmas. I know they're still a bit too advanced for his actual stage of reading ability, but I think he'll really enjoy them. I plan to read these to him a little bit as often as I can. His reading ability, though, is skyrocketing! I'm SO extremely proud of him. He actually was able to check a book out of the library at school this week and when he got home, he read the entire thing to me - with no help. When I asked him if he'd read it before he said, "No. It just looked interesting so I got it." It was about bears. He amazes me. Little Bit, ever the Diva, woke up from a nap yesterday hungry. But, rather than say, "I'm hungry!" or "I want a snack!" (which she is perfectly capable of doing) she simply stood there and cried. Big, fat, wet tears. Snot. The whole shebang. Finally, after Hubby and I got her ready, she, Kiddo and I went out to eat. After food she was much more cooperative and happy. Then we went to Wally-World to get a few things. They wanted to pick out a gift for their baby cousin (Who turns 1 today, by the way! Happy Birthday Baby Cousin! We love you!) for Christmas. So we went up and down all the toy aisles and the kids were SO good! They didn't once ask for something for themselves. They kept saying things like, "No - she's too little for that." or "No, that's a toy for a boy!" They finally decided on one of those wooden puzzles with animal cut outs on the front and a fat knob for babies to grasp? Kind of a match the piece to the picture thing. They were very proud of their decision and I was very proud that they worked together and agreed on something for someone else without arguments. Anyway - I guess that's about it! Have a great weekend! TTFN JMS