Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WOAH! Is this really my first post of 2010?

I've been out of commission for a LONG time.  Mentally out of commission, I suppose.  After the blow of losing my job back in July due to lay offs, I was able to find another administrative position with a local manufacturing company. This job, too, was pulled out from under me early in January.  There are many reasons, but I believe 2 things:  1) They were looking for someone with heavy accounting skills, which I do not have and 2) There was an unknown-to-me personality conflict with my manager.  That's the simple explanation and frankly, I don't feel like going into too much detail about it.
Suffice it to say, losing 2 jobs in a row really hit me hard emotionally and I lapsed into a major depression, for which I am now sufficiently medicated.  I took a job at Applebee's waiting tables to make ends meet, I've kept busy doing some contract work for the National Religious Campaign Against Torture as well as trying to help where I can with a friend and pastor's effort with The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good.  This on top of trying to find a new full-time administrative position has kept me away from my computer for the most part, and especially from my blog.
I miss my blog.
This post is an effort to 1) catch my readers and, hopefully, still loyal followers, up on what I've been doing and 2) to reinsert myself into the blogging world.
I just started a new job on February 15th.  President's Day.  I've been immersed in orientation and training ever since then and, while it's A TON of information to assimilate, it's been great so far.  Very comprehensive.  Everyone seems very nice and I really like my new boss.
Anyway - that's the VERY SHORT version of the story of the last few months.  It's been a roller coaster ride, and definitely not a fun one.  But things are, finally, looking up again. 
I'll try to post again sometime in the next few days.


evsharma said...

Welcome back, Jennifer! I've missed you!

G said...

Welcome back to the land of the flaky. :D

You were missed.