Tuesday, April 06, 2010

in just spring... (my little nod to ee himself)

I'm off to see the wizard... (Hmmm...where did that come from, I wonder? And why oh why is it the very first part of this post? Maybe we'll never know.) You know what I do know, though? I haven't posted since March 16th! I now Little Bit is now 3 years old, Kiddo is officially 6 years old, I have a good full-time job that is solid and time consuming, a part-time job (Avon) that is fun and makes me feel good, I haven't crafted anything in weeks and weeks which depresses me slightly, my house is a mess as usual, my kids are perfect, hubby us awesome, and things are basically good. This is good news. I'm sitting here somewhat in awe of the fact that even though I'm tired and there are definitely things weighing on my mind right now, I feel pretty darn good. Some things I'm thinking about that I want to mention; in no particular order:
  • K&NM & family have finally found a little house to rent and will be moving in May. This is awesome, fantastic and exciting news and will hopefully be the beginning of a new and more prosperous chapter of their lives. Prayers for them, however, are always still welcome.
  • HB is now a year older, having had her 28th birthday on March 31st. Happy Birthday HB! You'll always be my bean!
  • CG is also now a year older - but I think she'd probably kill me if I mentioned her age so I'll just say Happy Birthday big sister! You are always in my heart!
  • My friend EB and I will be hosting a Premiere Jewelry / Avon Party sometime in June... Those interested need to contact me for an invitation - otherwise, keep your eyes open for details!
  • Spring is here and along with it, hopefully, warmer weather.
Anyway - I guess that's it for now. I'm going to leave you with a picture of Kiddo & Little Bit (who is potty trained, now - btw) on Easter Sunday.


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Allie said...

Oh! They are so cute! What a beautiful picture!