Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Major Milestone & Budding Artist

So, we've had a major (well, in my eyes, anyway) milestone happen at our house overnight. Little Bit - who, as I've mentioned at least twice now that I know of, is potty training - slept the entire night in "big girl underwear" and woke up this morning completely dry! The very first thing she did when she woke up was to get on the potty and do her business...and she was SO excited! We're very proud of her! And something else noteworthy (again, in my eyes, anyway) is the fact that Kiddo is making his own thank you cards for the folks who came to his birthday party. He's drawn landscape scenes, dinosaurs, flowers, sunshine and is only about 1/3 of the way finished with them. I can't wait to send them out! Hm...that's got me wondering. What do you think about Kiddo's cards being on my Etsy site? Do you think anyone would want them? He really is pretty amazing for a 6 year old artist. Of course, that might be a biased opinion. And, of course, I would give him any and all of the "proceeds"... TTFN JMS


Samantha said...

If you and Jamie think it's ok, I think you should ask Charlie if he wants to put his artwork on ETSY. He might prefer to keep his work, but after explaining how he can make things, sell them and earn his very own money.... he may be intrigued :)

ahmad mustofa said...

i like that