Monday, June 28, 2010

Kiddo's Bunk Bed Fund

I don't ask for much. Not really. Right now I'm asking for help in trying to get a bunk bed for Kiddo's room. We're getting to a point where it's really and truly necessary to do something about the sleeping arrangements for the kids. Little Bit is just too long for her toddler bed and Kiddo really needs a better bed. I've got Little Bit's room under control - but it's kind of a big secret as to what I'm doing with it. I've managed to spend very little and get quite a bit - though I still need a decent white bookshelf. None of it is at home right now as I am waiting on Hubby to take the kids to see his mom for a week before I begin the transformation. Don't ask me any questions, 'cause I'm not gonna tell ya! But Kiddo's room is another ball of wax. He really needs so much more than she does - but the main thing is he needs a bunk bed. The bunk bed is kind of essential because then when we have visitors, he and Little Bit can share the bunks and our visitor can sleep in Little Bit's room. I don't really know what else to say to explain my reasoning - I'm not really trying to redecorate so much as make sure the kids both have what they need. Little Bit isn't comfortable anymore and Kiddo's current bed is definitely past its prime and should be put out of its misery. So here's what I'm asking. If you feel you can help me with a dollar or two, I've added a "Donate" button on the right side of my blog called "Kiddo's Bunk Bed Fund." I know it's really out of the ordinary to ask for $$ though my blog, but I don't know another way right now. CraigsList has turned up nothing in the 3 months I've been searching, eBay is scary, I don't want a piece of junk from a yard sale - but there IS a bed at BigLots that seems nice and sturdy and it's $229.00. The only other thing is, if I get the bunk bed, I'll need to get mattresses, too...but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Anyway - just think it over. Thank you, in advance, for any way you think you might be able to help. TTFN JMS

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AKay said...

Take a look at American Signature too. They have good prices. And they have a dresser for $39 in assorted colors. You might be able to convert it to a book shelf, though I'm not sure.. might be worth a look!