Monday, October 18, 2010

Another year older, but not necessarily wiser

So this past Saturday, I turned another year older. Someone asked me, "Is this a milestone birthday?" Aren't all birthdays milestones? I mean, I know she was asking me if I was turning 30 or 40 or 50 - (I guess I'm good at hiding my true age...which is now 37. To be honest, I don't care who knows it.) - but I think that any time anyone celebrates a birthday, it is a milestone. When babies turn 1, it's a milestone. When babies turn 2, it's a milestone. When babies turn 10 (double-digits!), 13 (official bratty teenager), 16 (drivers beware), 18 (legal), 20 (well...20 years! wow!), 21 (legal drinking age)...and so on and so forth. I am blessed to have friends of all ages, from infants and children to 90-year-old men who still drive every day, and almost every age in between. Not a single time do I say about them, "'s just another day." But, I say that about my birthday: "'s just another day." Why is that? On my birthday we went to the Methodist Men's Pancake Breakfast at our church where our friend and choir director KM made the attendees sing to me. Slightly embarrassing, but still sweet and kind of fun! Plus...good pancakes and excellent coffee! We went to the Fall Festival at Little Bit's school. We went to Home Depot and found some mums for the front porch. We rested. We brought a bunch of cleaning supplies over to SM's new apartment. Oh - and we went to dinner at Litton's in Fountain City with my sister-in-law and her family, which was very, very nice. Then we went home, settled in, and went to bed! It was just another day, but a very nice one with little birthday touches throughout. And - everyone was nice to me, so that was a plus! ;) TTFN, JMS


Karrie said...

I hear you about the Birthdays! Happy Birthday!! It sounds like a great "any other day" to me

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jen, I hope you had a nice day. Did your hubby get you something nice? ...or take you out to din din? ...or do something for you around the house? I hope so.

You and the family look great and both Cathy and I wish you guys all the best. Love you muchly, UB and AC