Thursday, March 10, 2011

CrochetCrochetCrochetCrochet (obsession? me? never!)

I've found a new love and it's called Crochet. I like to crochet every day. (Oh, my head...nothing like bad poetry first thing in the morning, eh?) But it's true. I'm stitching just to stitch and loving every minute of it. My friend MG turned me on to and I've also found some new blogs that I'm going to get obsessed with, too! If you're a crocheter, you need to check out Scotty's Place & Would You Like Yarn With That? If you're a knitter (which I'm not, yet - but if MG will teach me I'll gladly learn) you might want to check out Hugs For Your Head and KnitGeekery. (Of course, there's always For the Love of Chester - but that one has nothing whatsoever to do with crocheting or knitting - it's just a guilty pleasure! I ♥ me some Chester. :-) ) So if you want to visit me on you can go to and see all the fabulous things I've created! LOL! I'm joking, people - joke! OK? Really the things I make are not fabulous - but I sure have fun with them! Right now I'm working on a blanket for (well...I really shouldn't say who it's for because she may be reading this!) - birthday in April. I have plenty of time. It's so soft and I really love the way it's turning out. I just finished a little shamrock "fashion" scarf thing that was just fun. I just finished a little purse that was a pain in the rear, but still fun. Oh - and I still have my Etsy site - which is So you can always visit me there, too! I'm just full of web-presence today, aren't I? So I guess I need to quit while I'm ahead. TTFN JMS

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Chester said...

So that's what you're callin' me now-your "guilty pleasure?" BOL! I like it!!!!

Glad that you made yourself known to me since I was unaware that you've been peepin' in my blog window from time to time. I hope all is well with you and your family! I would love to be able to visit ALL the wonderful and talented bloggers but I fear that 24 hours in a day are not enough...'specially when I need to sleep at least 16 of 'em.

Thanks so much for the mention! MWAH! ♥

Woofs and pleasurable slobbers,
Chester ;0=)