Monday, March 28, 2011

It really was strange. And it was SO REAL!

I had a very strange dream last night:

We (whoever "we" were) were at this big fancy hotel somewhere in a city I didn't know. But there were cobblestone streets out front. No main front doors, but somehow we were inside this hotel. I tried to leave, and had to go to this counter, where one would think the front door should be - but it was this massive glass display case-type counter in a "frame" around two teeny tiny Alice-in-Wonderland-esque doors.

I asked the guy behind the counter how to get out and he pushed some button which opened a trap door at the base of this glass cabinet and said, "Through here."

I thought he was joking, but he was dead serious.

So I hauled my butt (and for whatever reason, I was in this long broomstick hippie-type skirt) through this little trap door and behind the counter. There were other people back there suddenly, also trying to get out. Lots of pushing and shoving ensued - but eventually the little Alice-in-Wonderland doors opened and we all were able to squeeze through onto the cobblestone street.

Just as I got outside, and stood up long enough to consider brushing myself off - I noticed a large white Volvo station wagon careening around the corner to my left with a bunch of people I didn't know inside of it. They looked like there were taking the car for a joy-ride! The top of the wagon had been cut off, so it became a very odd-looking convertible.

It suddenly occurred to me that that Volvo was my husband's car! Those people were stealing my husband's car!!! I saw the Princess sticker that our daughter had stuck on the back of the seat and the car seats thrown in the back of the wagon, which only served to reinforce my original thought. Yep. They were stealing my husband's car!

Uh uh. No way. Not gonna happen.

Immediately I was like a ninja (it was pretty cool, actually!) and I leaped into the moving car and started hauling these guys out of the car and tossing them out on the street one-by-one. Finally I came to the driver, who swung the car sharply left and off the road, where we came to a stop. I think he was hoping he'd throw me off, but I was Spider man! I was Superman! (Well...woman, but you get the picture.) I held on and threatened to pop his head off if he didn't exit the car immediately, which he did.

So there I am, standing next to the semi-crashed, newly convertible-ized, great white beast of a Volvo, watching all these guys I didn't know try to peel themselves off the pavement after being tossed bodily from a moving vehicle - wondering how all this had happened? Suddenly, hubby is next to me wondering the same thing.

That's about all I remember.... It really was strange. And it was SO REAL! I'll have to remember to tell hubby about it!



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G said...

Cool piece of flash fiction.

Amazing what we can do in our dreams.