Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Letter to McDonald's

Dear McDonald's on the Turnpike in Oak Ridge: I am done with you. 1) You always forget the straws. And the 12 that I asked for the last time I had to go all the way through the drive through again to get one, are gone. 2) That little 6" concrete have by your drive-through lane that is supposed to deter drivers from swinging in from the Administration Drive entrance? It doesn't work. You don't seem to understand how frustrating it is to follow the rules and drive all the way around the restaurant to get to the drive-through - like one is supposed to - only to have been cheated out of your place in line by two drivers who think it's OK to take the "shortcut." Can't you put out tack strips? I'd just once like to see one of those sneaky drivers bust all four of their tires at once...just from coming in the wrong way. It would make me feel better. 3) You have GOT to get friendlier people in your drive-through window. At least someone who knows how to use the words, "Please," and "Thank you." One tries to be polite to the order-board speaker-voices, but the order-board speaker-voices are not polite back. It's upsetting and it's rude. 4) I'm not supposed to eat your stuff anyway - so really I only get coffee and/or diet coke when I come through there. This is just an opportunity to vent. You do have really good coffee, though! (I felt it was necessary to end this rant on a positive note.) Sincerely, JMS

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