Friday, March 04, 2011

Sick Kiddo

Kiddo has been sick since Sunday. This makes 5 days now. Yesterday we thought he was getting better because his temperature was hovering around normal. Not so much. He coughed (that deep, scary, bronchial cough) practically all night and then woke up with a 101.6 fever...again. It's gotten as high as 102.6. He's been to the doctor twice. He'll be going a 3rd time this morning, most likely. Per the doc, it's not strep, flu, walking pneumonia, mono or any of the other terrible things kids get. Doc says its "that virus" that everyone has been getting and it usually runs its course in 4 days. Day 5, still going strong. I hate hate hate that he's so sick! It's awful to see my normally active, verbal and goofy child be still, silent and serious. He's pale. He has purple under his eyes that make it look like someone punched him. He's bored to tears because he misses school. Little Bit (who's not so little anymore) seems stuffy and runny - but otherwise fine. I guess this is the battle we all (as parents) fight now and again. But it sure isn't fun; for us or our kids. TTFN JMS

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