Thursday, May 05, 2011

Observations, An Article & A Question

In no particular order, these are some things I observed or heard on the way to work this morning:

1) An Observation: I think it's funny that NPR used the first 5 notes of Beck's "Loser" as Bumper Music.

2) An Article: Did Harsh Interrogations Tactics Lead to Bin Laden? (I heard this on NPR this morning.)

3) An Observation: I was driving past my beloved lake this morning (the one that has a long, paved walking trail) and saw a duck, a female mallard I do believe, walking along the trail.  Just her.  Just the duck.  Getting ready to cross the crosswalk by the boat ramp.  It's the stuff you see in movies and on TV - not in real life.  It made me smile.

4) An Observation: I saw a woman driving an older model, red, Isuzu Trooper.  Her windshield was so cracked from hail damage it's a wonder she was able to see to drive.  And she was on her cell phone.

And a question:

What do you put in a May Day Basket?  I keep seeing "Flowers and Sweets" but is that ALL?  Really?  Hm...seems rather boring, if you ask me.

Oh - and Happy Cinco de Mayo!


1 comment:

JR said...

Loved the duck story....we have two the pond. I have a new puppy , golden retriever, five months old who looks just like Lucy....her name is grand dogs.
Happy Mothers' Day...give your three sweeties a hug for me.
MOM jr