Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Playin' catch-up!

It's been since FEBRUARY since I've posted anything.  I used to love this blog - and I'm still super happy that I have it, but I need to pay a little more attention to it; it's feeling neglected.

Quick overview: Still employed (thank God), still have two awesome and happy and healthy kiddos, still married to a great guy, my house is still a wreck and I've decided that's just going to be the way it is until A) the kids go off to college or B) I die...whichever comes first.  Neither prospect excites me.

I have a friend getting married this weekend, a friend having a baby next month, and many other friends having other life-changing milestones.

I'm in the middle of a nightmare project at work that, God willing, will be over tomorrow.  I've got another responsibility coming to me in the very near future that will add a butt-load of work, but really isn't anything I haven't already done; just a matter of figuring out how to blend it with my current responsibilities.

We decided to cancel VBS at church this year due to lack of participation and/or interest.  I held four meetings and never did the same people attend twice which meant that we were starting from scratch each time.  We were in super-crunch-time and I was in panic-mode and we were still at ground-zero.  So we pulled it in favor of a new program which begins next Tuesday, the Children's Activity Planners (a.k.a. CAPs).  CAPs will be all the adults getting together to have a fun brainstorming session to come up with monthly activities (we're calling them parties, really...not's more fun that way) for the kids to do.  Super excited about this, and I have some super excellent people already on board.  Hoping we can grow it.

Did a great fundraiser for the Children's Ministries a couple of weekends ago called "Treasures From Your Trunk" where people went through their homes and found items they were willing to "donate" and then we essentially had a great big yard sale!  It was not only fun, but super successful.  Looks like we may have found an annual event.  Want to grow that one, too!

Sandy-Mom is doing well.  Not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post (not willing to go back and check right now) but she moved here in Oct of 2010.  She's had a very rough time of things health-wise and has had some awful back pain of late, but is working with a pain specialist and getting shots, which seem to be helping.  She's envisioning being able to run around like she used to - back and forth, back and forth all the time - and, for her sake, and emotional sanity, I hope that vision comes true.

Well there's so much more to talk about but that's the overview.  I still thing where I live is the most beautiful place in the world.


Oh yeah!  I cannot believe I forgot this!  I had surgery in May to have my Thyroid removed!  They removed it because I had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis along with a multi-nodular goiter and difficulty swallowing.  When they removed it...the pathology report showed "Incidental Papillary Cancer" (you can Google it, I'm too lazy right now...sorry.) which is basically a pre-cancer.  At a follow-up appointment with my endocrinologist he said that the cancer was point 9cm and was partially encapsulated, which meant that some of the cancer was not completely surrounded by thyroid tissue.  That also heightens the risk of recurrence.  They tested my thyroglobulin (a protein that I should no longer be making because of my lack of thyroid) and the results came back as "undetectable" - all of which is good news.  He (endocrinologist) still wants to do the radioactive iodine pill to permanently kill any possibility of the cancer returning 20-30-60 years down the road.

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