Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Epitome of Grace & Bad Weather

So it's April, right? Exactly mid-way through April, actually. Oh - and I think something about Taxes, today, in particular? But the temperature is on its way to freezing and it cannot decide, at the moment, if it wants to snow or rain.

Plus, I fell - like the big klutz that I am - coming back into the building after having gone to my car for $ for the vending machine so I could get my bottle of water. (Gave up soda, thank you very much. Yes, I will accept applause and congratulations.) The fall was oh-so-graceful and I'm sure, should the security guys decide that they just have to review the tapes from today, they'll get a good laugh at my expense.


Except for the slightly throbbing knee and a greater wound to my pride, I shall survive.

Even this.


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