Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oh, for the love of music!

Like lots of you fine folks out there, I use Pandora for streaming music.  I'm going to say this right up front - I love Pandora!  And further, I am totally stuck on "Depeche Mode Radio" on Pandora.  (Some of you already know this because I haven't shut up about it lately.)

Fair warning, those of you who follow (current or past) that kind of music may vehemently disagree with me here.  I was thinking about something, though. (Who am I kidding?  I'm always thinking about something.)   Depeche Mode, New Order, Erasure, Yazoo (Yaz) - though different, are all one in my head.  Same kind of stuff, I suppose; I love them all.  While I'm at it, I think Billy Joel, Elton John and Rod Stewart are all one in my head.  Where there is one, there are all.  Does that make sense?

Oh! And The CureOrchestral Manoeuvres in The Dark!  The Psychedelic Furs!  Pet Shop Boys!  Echo and the Bunnymen!  And...uh...OK - I think you've had enough.  I guess I never realized that I love this stuff as much as I do.

I can't wait to educate my children in all of this this awesomeness!


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