Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I see the light!

In a push to further automate our lives, we as a people – the smart ones – have installed automatic light switches with sensors.  In theory, they are supposed to turn lights on when you enter a room by sensing your movement and, after a period of no motion, turn the lights off.  Efficient.  Saves energy.  An all-around good idea, yes?  Yes.  That is, until the sensor does not see, or does not respond, when one walks into a room, leaving one in the dark.

For example, the light sensor in the break room at my office is wonky.  Every morning I go in there with the empty coffee pot to rinse out and refill, and my coffee cup to wash.  I push open the break room door and…nothing.  I can stand in what should be perfect seeing range of the light sensor and dance around like a fool holding my empty coffee pot and my needing-to-be-cleaned mug hoping no one is watching and…still nothing.  Waving my arms doesn’t work either, I’ve tried it.  Walking in front of the light pouring out of the vending machine thinking that my shadow may trick the sensor into turning on the light?  Nope.  (Sigh)  Never mind.

So, I efficiently take care of business in the mostly-dark room.  Upon finishing the rinsing and the washing and the refilling, turn around to leave the room, take one step in the direction of the door and TA DA! The lights come on.

Every.  Blessed.  Morning.

And while we’re on the subject of coffee, might I say that my seven year old daughter, who I love with all my heart, is a prime candidate for coffee first thing in the morning?  That’s not to say I plan to start giving her coffee at this tender age, but boy – I sure hope she turns out to be a coffee-drinker.  In fact, it would be a service to all mankind if someone were to wake her up with a fresh cup of coffee in-hand.  She shouldn’t be allowed to set her feet on the floor without having consumed at least one cup of the strongest coffee available.  Life with my beautiful, wonderful, sweet girl would return and be much more tolerable.  This would not be considered spoiling her, it would be considered self-preservation.  My self.


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