Monday, March 09, 2015

The Pecking Order of Stuffed Animals

It’s a still dark outside, bleary-eyed, heavy-headed, shuffling, door-jamb-holding, not-enough-coffee-in-the-world kind of morning.  And no, I’m not hung over.  What I am is sleep and caffeine deprived.  Plus, like everyone else (or, most everyone else) I am dealing with the loss of an hour in my day which, apparently, affects me more strongly in my middle-age than in my younger, stronger, thinner years.  I feel thoroughly abused this morning.


I officially have an eight year old.  Good grief, where has the time gone?  Yesterday, we spent a wonderful day celebrating girl-child’s birthday, which included lunch, a trip to Build-a-Bear, an afternoon on a trampoline in a friend’s back yard, and making pizza.   Her new bear (which is really a tiger, I am told) is “Izzy” and, according to girl-child, going to have some trouble making friends with the other animals...especially “Cathy” – the stuffed golden retriever she got from Build-a-Bear on her birthday last year. 

Cathy has been girl-child’s constant companion every day for the last year and is very obviously a well-loved friend.  Last night, girl-child made it very clear that Cathy tends to be a little jealous of newcomers and made a big show of introducing Cathy to Izzy and explaining that they needed to learn to get along.  Cathy grudgingly allowed Izzy to sleep next to girl-child last night as it was Izzy’s first night in the house.  I suggested to girl-child that she rotate nights snuggling with her stuffed friends, to which she replied, “We’ll see, mom.  Cathy will have to decide.”  

The jury is still out.


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