Thursday, April 02, 2015


Kiddos visited the dentist this week and I am pleased to report there are no cavities!  Girl-child also got her spacer removed, and she is thrilled!  They both got new toothbrushes, along with stickers and such, from the dentist.  These are reasons for much joy.


Still haven’t heard anything about the results of my visit to the Boob Bus last week.  I've now spent over a week waiting for some tiny bit of info (anything…) which will let me know if things are good, or if I need to worry some more.  Have I mentioned I hate waiting?


There is nothing (well…almost nothing) that makes me twitch more than financial issues.  This morning, I made my weekly check of things financial and found my paycheck – which should have posted overnight – was not in my account.  I almost had heart failure!  Come to find out there was a glitch in the payroll services matrix and it wasn’t just my account that was missing funds.  They say it’s going to be fixed today, but I, admittedly, am skeptical.  Here's hoping they'll waive any fees I may be charged due to overdrafts! (sigh)


And let's end on a positive, shall we?  As of weigh-in this morning, I’m officially down 19.4 lbs!  YAY!  Go me!


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