Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween of ages past (well...last year, anyway)

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I'm certain I'll never completely grow up.  I still love to dress up for Halloween.

We've discovered that dressing up as a family - with a theme - is pretty durn cool.

Take, for example, the picture on the left from our church Trunk-or-Treat last year: I am (of course) the Wicked Witch of the West.  Hubby is the Witch's Castle Guard (Oh Rhee Oh!).  Girl child is Dorothy (isn't she cute?) and Boy Child is (grudgingly) the Emerald City Guard.  (I think Blogger will allow you to click on the picture to get a larger, more detailed, version.)

Anyway - this year, we've decided to do Little Red Riding Hood.  I am Grandma.  Hubby will be The Wolf.  Girl Child is (of course) Red Riding Hood herself, and Boy Child will be the Huntsman.  (I will post a post-Halloween family pic, 

We're already discussing what to do next year.  I am personally pushing for the Addams Family.  I am desperate to "play" Morticia and think Hubby would make an awesome Gomez.  However, I think Pugsley will be a hard-sell for Boy Child and Wednesday will be an equally hard-sell for Girl Child.

Girl Child wants to do a family of Vampires, which, of course I'm totally okay with as vampires are kinda my thing - and always have been.  But who knows?  I've got a year to convince them - and fatten up Boy Child a tad so Pugsley will be sufficiently, well, pugsley.  Mwahahahaha!


UPDATE (Later the same night) - I have won!  Both offspring have agreed to Addams Family for next year!  Girl Child is okay with portraying Wednesday Addams, but Boy Child has decided Cousin It is more his style.  Not exactly in the way it was originally in my head, but I'll take it!  Hubby is deciding between Gomez and Uncle Fester.  Either way, it will be fun!

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