Friday, June 09, 2017


Yesterday, Co-worker came to my office to talk to Boss. Boss told Co-Worker to wait a minute, he was finishing something up. Co-Worker paced in front of my desk...waiting, expectantly.

Me: Did Boss make you wait?

Co-Worker: Yes, he had to give birth to a thought.


Girl-child grounded the cat. Why? Because Wendy (cat, a.k.a. "The Tiny Furry Dictator") has a habit of using her paw to snag a piece of fabric - crocheted blanket, a sweater, a towel - use said paw to bring fabric to her mouth, and then will spend minutes on end simply licking the fabric. It's akin to thumb-sucking in children, I think. Anyway - Wendy had been licking a crocheted blanket for almost 10 minutes and Girl-child had had it. She said, "That's it! Wendy! Enough! You're grounded!" then went over, picked the little fuzzball up, and relocated her to another part of the house.

It didn't work. As a friend said, "Grounding a cat is like trying to give a cat a Time Out" - which, of course, wouldn't work, either.

Still, it was amusing.


At work, trying desperately to attach a required form to a foreign trip request for a co-worker. Form. Will. Not. Attach. Three separate people tried and failed, including me. Finally, I hollered at Boss. "Boss! Would you come out here for a minute please?"

I explain the situation. Boss says, "Make the document into a PDF and try again."

Which, of course, worked like a charm. Now I feel like an idiot.

And...another clear reason why Boss is the Boss.


Last night, Girl-child had gotten ready for bed. I'd just finished showering so I had a towel on my head. It was late. Girl-child really should have already been in bed, but instead, she was in my room fussing over the fur babies. I took the towel off my head and intended to give her a light smack on the backside with it, but - not considering that Wet Towel = Heavy Towel = Doesn't Work Like a Dry Towel managed to actually snap the towel at Girl-child's backside. **POP!**

It hurt. She cried. I felt so awful because I truly didn't mean it to snap her like that. But then we both looked at each other and began to laugh like loons. She said, "Mom, I know you didn't mean to do that and I forgive you. I love you SO much!" I think I kinda love her, too. Goober.



PS: A little levity today was necessary. I'm an emotional wreck so I'm trying to make myself (and maybe you, too?) feel better. Did it help?

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