Friday, December 21, 2007

Good morning! Um...yeah.

Have you ever reached into the linen closet in the morning, in the dark, and grabbed a towel only to find out when you’re standing there, post-shower, dripping wet, that what you’re actually holding is a hand towel or some other small terry-like thing that would never qualify in its lifetime as a proper bath towel but now you’re committed because the linen closet is way over there and that would mean dripping across the floor hoping to rescue something other than a postage stamp-sized bit of material that wouldn’t cover a common flea?

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Archeobot said...

For me that equates with no towel at all. Forgetting that I'd taken the towels off the towel bar yesterday, and now they reside in the dryer in the basement. Spares reside out in the hall... and damn its cold!