Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

What you see is Charlie sleeping in Mom & Dad's bed on Christmas morning. What you don't see is mom sacked out next to him. It was bad. Really bad. ( I mention the drool?...) So I cropped it. Don't ask for the original; I'm afraid someone might be able to use it as blackmail against me! :)

This is what Charlie & Greta saw when they got up on Christmas morning. Thank goodness for grandparents, friends, and Santa Claus or there would not have been very much there. Even daddy got a little something!

This is Charlie showing off his new soft bathrobe (so he'll quit stealing mine), his new mittens (remember, he cut up his last pair), and his new slippers (because he says his Lightning McQueen car-shaped slippers make it hard for him to walk). When worn together, it makes a great combination.

Here is little Greta Marie trying to figure out what to do with the present in front of her. "Hmmm... Do I eat it or tear it apart?"

Baby Greta, worn out after a long, busy day, hanging out with Daddy as he swayed and sang her into La-La Land.

Good day. Definitely a good day. Merry Christmas to all!


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