Thursday, January 17, 2008

Follow these instructions

(This is for Hans.) Step 1: Gather trash. (Trash, by definition, is worthless material that is to be disposed of.) Step 2: Locate a container with other trash in it. This is known by many names, but is usually referred to as a trash can. (Also see: wastepaper basket, wastebasket, rubbish bin, or garbage can.) Step 3: Extend arm so hand holding trash is over the opening of the trash can. Step 4: Relax grip and let trash slip through your fingers into the trash can. Step 5: Do not congregate. Do not collect or generate more trash. Leave area immediately. This has been brief instruction about how to properly use a trash receptacle. Please follow these steps completely and thoroughly and there will be no cause for us having to seek you out and beat you severely about the head and shoulders! Thank you for your time and attention to this most important matter.

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