Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun With My Kids

So I got to spend nearly two whole days by myself with my kids and it was great! Charlie was a big help and Greta was very good; I had almost no difficulty with either of them. The only issue we had was a wet bed - which was a complete accident and poor Charlie was so mortified. It definitely didn't help that he drank nearly 20 ounces of Gatorade before his nap. I remembered to bring him a treat when I picked him up from school, which I usually forget; I stopped and got myself a Coca Cola and a Gatorade for Charlie. It was a nice thing to have because he was swinging and laughing merrily with his teacher when I arrived and was reluctant to leave. All I had to say was, "Hey Bud...I've got a treat for you in the car!" and he immediately jumped off the swing (my heart did a little lurch because he was still in motion) and, said with no ceremony, "Bye Ms. Theresa!" I allowed him to sip off of his Gatorade in the car on the way home, provided he was careful and didn't spill it. When we got home, he had a snack (a rather large banana) and then I took his drink, put it in the fridge and ushered him off to his room for a nap. Then, I made a bottle for baby Greta and she and I snuggled up in my bed for a while. Well...Charlie must have gotten up, silent as a mouse, and snuck into the fridge to retrieve his Gatorade because when I checked on him later, the bottle was beside his bed almost empty of the red liquid and Charlie was sleeping heavily. He was still dry at this point and I decided not to wake him up. About an hour later, I checked on him again and what I initially though was sweat...was not. I had to wake him up, strip him down, and put him into a warm bath. He cried the entire time. First it was because he was mad at being awakened, screamed about wanting to get back in bed and was completely deaf to my explanation that the bed was wet and so were his clothes. Then it was because he realized what he'd done and was upset about it and also because he thought I was angry with him. I was not angry with him at all. I hugged him and told him I was sorry he'd had an accident. I simply explained that it accidents happen sometimes and we needed to get him cleaned up. Then he screamed because he didn't want to get in the bath. Then because he was cold. Then again because his bed was wet and he was still tired. It was a bit of a struggle for about 30 minutes until I got him clean, warm and calmed down. He helped me strip his bed and clean his mattress, and then we had a discussion about why he simply cannot drink, drink, drink and about why he snuck the juice out of the fridge without my permission in the first place. anger...just discussion. Aside from the screaming, he was very good and even wanted to call Daddy (who was in Johnson City visiting his family) to tell him what happened. Does this fall under the "TMI" category? TTFN JMS

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