Thursday, March 20, 2008

TPFs Revisited

Do you remember my excited post about our Toilet Paper Fairy? How we had been chosen, out of millions of families, to be graced with our own personal, live-in TPF? That the TPFs only mission in life is to make sure that there's a fresh roll of toilet paper on the holder in the bathroom...? Well...our second TPF is more destructive than helpful. She thinks it's quite fun to crawl into the bathroom when she thinks no one is watching, stand up using the side of the bathtub for assistance and start wailing away on the toilet paper roll with her chubby little hands because it's fun and funny to watch the soft white stuff float, flutter, and pile up on the floor! Oh well...I guess, even though there's a massive pile of toilet paper on the floor, at least it's mostly clean and harmless - unless she decides to eat it! Yuck! gives our helpful TPF more work to do. Keep 'em busy, I say! TTFN JMS

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