Monday, April 21, 2008

Coins, Visits & Jewelry

Kiddo swallowed a penny on Thursday. He was absolutely terrified when it happened so we didn’t get too angry with him; he was punishing himself enough. Since he only knows that a penny is “money”, he didn’t understand the word “penny” and kept referring to it as a male body part. I repeatedly tried to correct him, but the light bulb did not go on. (Note to self: start working on his understanding of money.) I took him to school on Friday morning, and warned his teacher that not only had he swallowed the penny, but that they should, please and thank you, keep an eye open for it if he needed to use the bathroom. I also explained to his teacher that if he spoke about male body parts, he was trying to tell her about the penny he swallowed. She was very grateful that I explained it. When I picked Kiddo up on Friday afternoon, no deposit (ha ha) had been made. Later that same afternoon, however, the coin made its reappearance, and was vastly different from what I expected to see! Firstly, it wasn’t a penny – it was a dime. Secondly, it wasn’t shiny – it was dark and blue and looked like it had been washed in acid. I guess I’m just thankful that he didn’t choke on it – which is my greatest fear. We had a very nice visit from my Mother-in-Law this weekend. Kiddo talked at her non-stop and was securely fastened to her hip the entire time. She took Kiddo’s bed, and Kiddo camped out on the floor in his sleeping bag – which he loved! The first night, they both went to bed around the same time, and Kiddo talked at her until almost midnight – we couldn’t get him to settle down enough to shut up, much less sleep. The next day (Saturday), he didn’t get a nap at all and when I finally forced him to lie down at 7:45PM, he was so tired that he was asleep in about five minutes and slept until about 8AM Sunday morning! My poor Mother-in-Law was exhausted just from Kiddo being on her heels the entire visit. I hope she had a good time, though. I had great fun at the Jewelry Party on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came. Hope you had a great weekend! TTFN JMS

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Ginger said...

Thanks for inviting me! I had a great time!