Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Visit from The Sleep Monster

I finally got some sleep last night. Of course, it was through the over-the-counter wonders of pharmaceuticals, namely Tylenol PM. As my friend, the future Mrs. Myrick says, "I'm all for better living through chemistry!" Legal chemistry, of course. The only problem with my brilliant idea of drugging myself before bedtime is that now I am suffering the after-effects of said medication. Instead of needing to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks because I'm tired (which, of course, I still am) I am fighting the almost overwhelming urge to fall asleep at my desk in a puddle of drool. Now I remember why I never take that stuff. I wonder if, now that my family is back with me, I could have fallen asleep with out assistance? But, considering how exhausted I was, I wasn't taking any chances on going a fourth night with little to no sleep. I do remember getting in to bed last night and opening Brisinger (the new Christopher Paolini book - and the third in the Inheritance Cycle series about Eragon the Dragon Rider) but after reading exactly two words, I closed the book, placed it on my bedside table, snapped off the light and snuggled down under the covers. I was probably taken by sleep almost immediately, because I don't remember hearing or knowing anything until Hubby shook me awake around 6:30 this morning. It was the deep, dreamless sleep of the hopelessly exhausted and drugged. Now, though, I'm a complete zombie. My friend "Tennswede" at the office laughed at me this morning because of how pathetic I look. Frankly, I don't blame him. I do look pathetic. Pale, puffy, narrow-eyed and pathetic. I definitely didn't take offense at his laughter because he's absolutely right... I probably shouldn't even be here right now. I should have called in and stayed at home in bed. I'm feeling a bit better now, though. Probably because I'm working on my third cup of coffee. Maybe I've been "awake" (I use that term loosely) long enough that the effects of my OTC Meds are beginning to wear off? Whatever. I still should have stayed home in bed. On a different note, the dog seems to be doing OK. She was very happy to have the rest of her family at home and even ate some of her food and drank half a bowl of water. My friend SW gave me her expert advice on what might possibly be wrong with the dog - up to and including a possible bladder infection and/or blockage of some kind - but now I wonder if she wasn't just upset about her favorite people (namely Hubby & Kiddo) being gone for an extended period of time. Little Bit and I are probably last on the dog's "favorite people" list - though she'll take us in the absence of anyone better. Lord, please grant me the strength to get me through this day. TTFN JMS


malfunctionology101 said...

Poor girl. Sleep Deprevation is coming your way. I guarantee it!

Anonymous said...


Just FYI, I did eight years of shiftwork - 5 of those years in England. It's totally fine to do whatever you have to to get through the day. When you are that tired you don't "fall asleep" you pass out!

I remember the clock would suddenly jump ahead and thought "Wow, that was strange." But, it was that I had been "somewhere else" for a few mins. Duh

Oh well, Love to all,