Friday, December 05, 2008

Chopped Liver, Sock Puppets, and Christmas Decor

One of my favorite times of the day is when I get home from work and am able to snuggle with and love on my kids. I said this in front of Hubby last night and he said, "Gee...thanks." Meaning: "What am I, chopped liver?" I'm ALWAYS happy to see my husband. Every time I look at him I'm happy to see him - even if he's not my favorite person at the moment. That's how marriage is. I absolutely adore him and wouldn't trade him for the world...and he should know that. He does know that. Anyway - last night was a good night. Even though I wasn't feeling all that well, and spent most of the evening resting on the couch while the kids played around me, it was still a good night. I made a quick sock puppet out of one of Hubby's socks and the kids enjoyed an hour of giggles, kisses and hugs with said puppet. It was lots of fun. Little Bit's expressions were so funny and Kiddo got into the game, too. I might have to make a real sock puppet - google eyes and all - so that the kids can really see what a sock puppet should look like. I am no closer to having our Christmas stuff up. I've got the nativity scene up and the stockings out and a runner "thing" on the front door instead of a wreath...and that's it. For now. I think Hubby and the kids and I are going out tonight to get some shopping done. Our big family Christmas event is on Dec. 13th in Deep-in-the-Holler VA - and we have nothing done for this, at all. I'm starting to panic. Well, I guess it really doesn't matter. We do what we can, right? And the "stuff" isn't important, anyway - though it certainly helps. TTFN JMS


Anonymous said...

Dont panic... make it worse. :-)

Marsha said...

I'm hoping to put up our tree this weekend. I'm dragging my feet this year.