Wednesday, December 10, 2008

G's Unspoken Proposal, Gingerbread House, & Little Bit's Bottle Days

My friend G wrote something about me that I thought I'd share...
I'm still trying to talk JMS into giving up her life and becoming my new sister so that she can move into my parents basement with me and we can read books and go to the movies all the time. She's not feeling it. Apparently, she made some sort of vow to her husband about till death do them part or something along those lines. And she likes her children more than I like my dog. And I looooove my dog. So I've got to shelf that idea until I find a way to get her away from domesticated life.
This amused me to no end for a couple of reasons: 1) Because she's never actually discussed this plan with me, and 2) because she's right...I'm not feeling it. As much as I love her, my family always comes first. Sorry, G; in another life, maybe, but not this one. **** Hubby bought a gingerbread house kit for me to do with the kids tonight. I'm anticipating a complete disaster (both mess-wise and house-wise) but I really don't care - it should be fun. I know Kiddo will be supremely interested and Little Bit might feign interest for a little while, but then she'll get bored when she can't eat all the pieces. Either that, or she'll get really pissed off and start screaming and then constructing a gingerbread house will be a lost cause for all of us. We'll see how it goes. **** We're finally almost at the end of Little Bit's bottle days. She's down to getting about 3 ounces of milk at bedtime. Tonight she'll get 2 ounces and tomorrow she'll get once ounce and then nothing. She can have milk in a sippy cup before bed - but no more bottles at bedtime. First of all, there's the rotten teeth thing (not that she has them, but the longer she's on the bottle, especially at bedtime, the more likely that prospect is) and secondly, she needs to start going to sleep without the bottle at all. She's got her blankie and her bunny and our routine, ("I love you [Little Bit]!" and "I wuv oou, too, mommy!") and then she settles down with eyes closed, ready for sleep. Hopefully by the end of this week, she'll be completely "weaned." Kind of a New Year's Resolution, so-to-speak. I'm anticipating a couple nights of screaming for her bottle, but she'll eventually get used to not having it - and it's important. Well...I guess that's all for right now. TTFN JMS

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Nanna Debbie said...

You should film the gingerbread house "construction." I bet it will be loads of fun!