Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kiddo and the Gingerbread House

The gingerbread house construction was a bit trickier than I'd anticipated, but Kiddo had a fantastic time anyway. He jabbered non-stop for 2 hours as we labored over icing and placement of little tiny pieces of candy.
He ate (with my permission) the gingerbread Christmas tree that came with the kit and then later decided he shouldn't have eaten it. I guess he thought it should have been there with the gingerbread boy and the gingerbread snowman. So we constructed what Kiddo dubbed (all on his own, by the way) "The Famous Leaning Christmas Tree" out of gum drops. (You can sort of see it in the picture.) It was a little difficult to get the gum drops to stand up in the wet icing, and even though I held it up for a few minutes, it still leaned over some, so Kiddo said, "That's OK, Mom. That can be The Famous Leaning Christmas Tree!" And so it is.
I was very thankful that I'd put Little Bit to bed before we began erecting the structure because it required more concentration than I would have had if she had been there getting into things. And, I probably would have lost not only the gingerbread Christmas tree to Kiddo, but either the gingerbread snowman or gingerbread boy to Little Bit, too, thereby decreasing the amount of stuff in the front of the house.
We had a great time, though. I was thoroughly over it by the time we were done and Kiddo was raring to go. He was a little put out that he had to go to bed (at 9PM) without a story, but I explained to him that it was already an hour past his bedtime and he'd had fun making the gingerbread house. While I don't think he really understood, he was asleep relatively quickly.
Good times. Good times.

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