Monday, December 15, 2008

The Sickness, Wally-World at Christmas-time, Embarrassing Exposure, and Family Christmas Event

Hubby had on Friday whatever it was that I had on Monday. He was miserable and called me to see if I could come rescue him so he could sleep. I left work around noon (I think) and went home to take care of the kids while Hubby went to bed and slept for a few hours. I knew exactly how he felt. Kiddo wanted to know why I was home and where Daddy was. I told him that Daddy wasn't feeling well so he was asleep. Kiddo wanted to know, again, why I was home if Daddy was there. I said, "Because Daddy is sick and had to go to bed. If he's sleeping, he can't watch you and your sister, can he? So I came home to watch you. Aren't you excited to see me?" To which he responded, "OK." (Meaning, "Whatever, Mom.") So they played, and as much as I tried to keep them somewhat quiet so Hubby's sleep could be undisturbed, they did a lot of screaming and yelling. Not because they were unhappy, but because they were having fun. I can't fault them for that. Then they had a warm bubble bath, and there was more screaming - but this time because they were fighting over who had more bubbles on their side of the tub. That was a tough argument to stop. Eventually, I just scrubbed them down, hosed them off with the sprayer and got them out of the tub because...well, enough was enough already. Then it was nap time. Kiddo didn't sleep at all, and Little Bit fought me every step of the way, finally succumbing around 3PM and sleeping soundly for about 2 hours. When they woke up, I packed them up and took them out. We got McDonald's and then headed over to the insanity of Wally-World. The kids ate quietly in the cart while I picked up a few last minute items for our family Christmas event. At one point, Little Bit leaned over, put her head on Kiddo's shoulder and said, "I wuv oou, [Kiddo]." To this he responded by shoving her away and saying something grouchy. I said, "All she wants to do is give you a hug, buddy. Why don't you let her hug you and then she'll leave you alone?" He didn't want her to hug him. She persisted. She pecked him on the cheek with a sweet baby kiss and said again, "I wuv oou, [Kiddo]." It was a push and shove match of the oddest kind. She pushed her love toward him and he pushed it away. He had the glassy-eyed look of the exhausted and I knew he was only acting/responding that way because he was so sleepy. Eventually, he let her give him a hug and that was the end of it. We left the chaos of Wally-World and went home. By the time we got there (it's less than a 10 minute drive from our house) Kiddo was sound asleep in his car seat. Little Bit was awake, but didn't want to walk. She vocalized (loudly) her displeasure of having to walk while I carried Kiddo's sleeping form, so I stooped down, scooped her up, too, and walked, heavily burdened, to the front door. When I put her down again at the entrance, she said, "Mommy, I sleepy, too." Both kids went to bed without any trouble, and I left again to finish what I couldn't get done earlier. I woke Hubby up before I left to let him know I was going and that the kids were in bed. I went to Staples and to Walgreen's. When I sat down in the car after coming out of Staples, my nearly-new blue jeans split from the belt seam, down by the rear pocket, to almost the back of my knee. I didn't realize it. I heard it, but it didn't occur to me that it was my jeans! So I walked into Walgreen exposed to the world!!! So embarrassing. The poor little girl behind the counter "Ahem'd" at me and quietly told me of my exposure. Of course, I'm sure I went beet red. She was kind enough to stay behind me while I looked for what I needed and then while I took off my bright yellow jacket and tied it around my waist. I'm sure she couldn't wait to get home and tell all her friends about the idiot woman who came into the store with her rear-end hanging out of her jeans. (And not in a "I'm-a-Cool-Hip-Hop-Chick" kind of way.) The thing is, I'd had these jeans for only a month or two, and I've LOST 14 lbs! So how and why they split is beyond me. I thought I was getting smaller. Maybe it was just a defect? Either way, I'm down to one pair of jeans that only sort-of fit me. I know I'm going on and on today, but there's more... Then we drove up to Deep-in-the-Holler, VA for the family Christmas event. It was a lovely, chaotic time. I got to see and hold my new baby niece, who is quite adorable and content to be held, warm and snug. Little Bit was a bit accident prone, tripping several times and once even falling into the coffee table and giving herself a nice bruise on her right temple. She also fell and bit her lip, somehow scratched herself above her right eye and has a nice bruise on her shin. I think it's the fault of the slippery wooden floors in GM's house combined with a kid's penchant for running when happy. Kiddo fell a couple of times, too, once biting his tongue, and another staving his toe into the side of a cabinet. Drama, drama, drama. The dinner was fabulous, the company was comfortable, and the gift opening was a free for all - but it was lots and lots of fun. Plus, I got to get another good kitty-fix. I do love me some kitties. One of the kittens (the shyer of the 2) slept with me all night on Saturday and then was my buddy all day Sunday until we left. I think she's the one I should take home. But it's probably a toss up between either of the kittens, and the beautiful black furball my Mother-in-Law named after my son. TTFN JMS PS: Happy Birthday, Mom. (Mary Nolton Greening) I love you and miss you every day!

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