Friday, February 20, 2009

Fun Evening and a Funny Kiddo Story

My friend G came over for a little while last night and we just hung out. The kids immediately took to her and, at bedtime, Little Bit said, "Wanna say goodnight to [G]!" Pouty lip and all. So G came in and kissed Little Bit goodnight, and, though LB cried for a few minutes afterward (this is a nightly thing now, not wanting to go to bed) she eventually settled down. Kiddo wanted to stay up with the girls and watch the movie with us, but after I explained to him that it was not a movie he could watch and that he had a big day ahead of him tomorrow, he, too, settled down and was sound asleep in less than 30 minutes. G and I watched Practical Magic, which is one of my very favorite movies (for a lot of reasons) but one which G had never seen. She laughed at all the right places, teared up when it was appropriate and otherwise really enjoyed the movie. I'm very glad that I was able to "turn her on" to this movie because now, when I talk about it, she'll know what I'm referring to! (I tend to quote movies I love and have seen many now when I come up with one of my random Practical Magic quotes, she'll get it. Oh, and can I just add that I still want my hair to look like Sandra Bullock's hair in this movie!?) We had a very nice evening and I was really glad she had some free time to spend with me and mine. Hubby worked late last night, and then went to the movies with The Guys from Countryside Tire and Auto (see yesterday's post). They went to see The International, with Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet to discover if the movie was worth seeing in the theater or if it's a wait-for-it-to-come-out-on-DVD-and-rent-it movie. On another note, here's something funny I wanted to share: Kiddo uses a wooden stool in our living room as his "desk." He brings the little chair in from his room (just the right size for him), parks it in front of the stool, gets a coloring book and crayons or a notebook and a pencil, spreads everything out on the stool and "works." It's really rather adorable to see! A couple of days ago, Kiddo was doing just that and I was in Little Bit's room putting away laundry when I hear, "MMOOOOMMMM!!! [Little Bit's] disturbing me!" I thought this was so funny because he's not even 5 yet!!! How many kids that age not only know the word "disturb" but can use it in context? To be fair, Little Bit was, in fact, disturbing her big brother, but only because she's at the stage where she wants to do every little thing he does - so she wanted to color, too! I got her her own coloring book and her cool triangle crayons and that ended the issue. I'll never forget it, though. "MMOOOOMMMM!!! [Little Bit's] disturbing me!" TTFN JMS


Light and Writing said...

I LOVE when kids use big words for their age!
This isn't a big word story but a fav of mine... A friend at work has a 3 year old and she was eating pizza. She looked at her mom while eating and said "Mmmmm, Mom, I love pizza in my mouth." Because lets face it, what good is the pizza outside of our mouths! Smart kid I'd say!

Anonymous said...

RE: The International.
The over all opinion of the board of guys... wait for video.
There was a total of four guys and a sleeper on the very back row (total audience). We contemplated tossing popcorn at the gaping piehole but decided against it.


Allie said...

Your kids sound so adorable!

And I totally agree about SB's hair in that movie. I would LOVE to have that hair.

Archeobot said...

I actually broke out Lost Boys again for the first time since Pearl Street a few weeks ago. It was a delight.

And yes, I thought you got your fingernail stuck in your ear. I totally believe your possible of this (just as possible as it is for me to walk into walls I might add. You are not alone).