Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Date with Kiddo & Mother-in-Law Needs Prayers

I had a date with my best little guy last night! That's right - Kiddo and I went out together for some much-needed Mommy & Me time. I had one place I wanted to stop first, which was the local used book store, but otherwise I let Kiddo pick what he wanted to do. Do you know what he picked? Bowling. That's right. Bowling at the local bowl-a-rama...bowling It's been something like 20 years since I've bowled and boy, have things changed! Everything is automated now which really threw me for a loop. My intent was to not to keep score at all and just let Kiddo do all the work but the machine did it anyway. I don't even know if we played well - but he sure had fun! He was so excited and happy and it was so wonderful for me to see him so excited and happy! Then we spent 30 minutes in the arcade there and got enough tickets to get Kiddo a Krazy Straw, a little red race car, and a red ring. He was amazed at his good fortune and kept talking about how well he did - and I didn't say anything at all about the fact that most of the tickets were gotten when I was playing the games! Doesn't matter. He hung out with me all night, slept in our room with me, fell out of the bed...again...(I think I've decided that he does that because he's used to having a wall on that side of him at night and there isn't one there in our room). And this morning, when he woke up, the first thing he said to me was, "Mom - I've gotta go poop!" Me: "Well go then - don't lie here and talk about it!" Good Morning! On another, and decidedly less uplifting note: My Mother-in-Law, GM, fell yesterday and broke her hip. Her other hip. The story as I understand it is that she'd stopped at a gas station on the way home from TN to VA after visiting her brother. The gas pump didn't shut off automatically, and spewed gasoline all over the place! She took a couple steps and was OK, but on the next step, she went down - HARD - in the gasoline all over the ground! No one even came out to see if my 67 Year Old MIL was OK! She lay there, in pain, covered in gasoline, and waited. Eventually someone who was driving by saw her and stopped. He covered her with a blanket and called the ambulance. The idiots at the hospital couldn't find anything wrong with her, except that she was in obvious pain and physical distress. So, the brilliant medical gurus at the hospital made her try to get up and walk! While they were shifting her around on the bed, they heard something POP! and yes, her hip is broken. Dumb asses! She's scheduled for surgery tomorrow, I think. And now she'll have to spend a 3rd time recovering from hip-replacement surgery. The first one (on the other side) was replaced once, and then replaced again because the first time the doctors didn't do something right. Please say a big prayer for her, for a safe surgery and swift recovery. Or, say several small prayers as often as you can. She'll really need it. And, not only does GM need it, the rest of the family needs it too as we help her through this latest health crisis. Poor woman, she can't seem to catch a break! TTFN JMS


Anonymous said...

The first one was a partial and didnt work out well. The MD decided that due to her other issues that a full replacement would be better and it was.

overtly trite said...

you folks are in my prayers