Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little bit of this...a little bit of that

(Which always makes me think of that Michelle Branch and Carlos Santana song...The Game of Love.  I've heard it about one time too many, but I do love Santana so...)
Anyway I guess now that I've managed to find a way around "The System" and still post to my blog...I have no excuse NOT to write!  Of course, the formatting thing will not be exactly what I want because I cannot view it after I post it to make sure everything is...well...perfect.  I am an admitted perfectionist, you know.
Things have been extremely busy at work.  Excel class on Monday - which was, as I feared, B-O-R-I-N-G - but only because I knew pretty much everything our instructor told us.  There was no challenge in it and there was one lady who held up the works because she had NO CLUE what she was doing.  I was amazed she even knew what a computer was!  Tuesday consisted of finalizing two projects, both of which came out very well if I do say so myself.  (I guess, now that I think about it I posted all about these things on Tuesday, so if you haven't had a chance to see Tuesday's post - you should probably go check it out.)
Wednesday was another busy day and I anticipate today will be, as well.
Last night, I cleaned Little Bit's room.  I started by picking up all the trash and fuzzies and pieces of paper that somehow managed to find their way into her room.  Then I emptied the diaper genie (ick) to make absolutely certain that no resident D.O.G. could get to any more stinky diapers.  Then I picked up toys.  Put away books.  Rolled up the rug and was HORRIFIED by how much dirt, sand, and other debris was under the little rug!  I got the vacuum cleaner out and immediately started attacking the dirt head on.  I must be a horrible mother to have let her room get so bad!  After her room was sufficiently vacuumed, I moved her little bed so that I could get stuff out from under it and was SHOCKED to see the Dust Rhinoceri (like bunnies, only bigger and meaner).  More vacuuming.  Then I noticed that her pale yellow walls seemed to be dripping with a gooey brown substance.  If the room weren't a happy pale yellow, I might have thought I was in a horror movie!  I guessing that the goo was, probably, old nicotine that had been "activated" by the humidifier we've had going in her room for the last 2 months!  No wonder she's coughing!
Move furniture away from walls.  Retrieve step stool from the kitchen.  Find a non-toxic cleaner.  Get a rag or two.  And two walls later (not done yet, of course) there are two walls newly freed from their layer of ancient nicotine.  Can I just say...YUCK!
Hubby made a wonderful seafood dinner last night.  Tilapia (sp?), Shrimp, Clams, Corn, Rice and something else I cannot currently bring to the front of my brain.  Very yummy.  The shrimp was absolutely perfect. 
Then Hubby and Kiddo went to church for Choir practice.  Hubby sings, Kiddo plays in the nursery.
Little Bit and I took a bath.  Lots of splashing and fun and, miracle of miracles, no screaming and struggling!
Then Little Bit went to bed...with no issues and I watched Ghost Hunters.  Becoming a Wednesday ritual, I suppose.  They were at the Titanic collection display at the Georgia Aquarium - and it was pretty dern cool.
Ok - I guess I'm done now.  Let's see how this longer to Blogger without me.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Blasé said...

The key is to vacuum sloooooowly. Don't "attack" it. You'll never get to the dirt that settles in the back of the carpet (were you vacuuming carpet??) which is what wears the carpet out prematurely. I do the vacuuming about once a month, BUT, I take my sweet time and do it thoroughly. Fyi...I used to own/operate a carpet cleaning business.