Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Bit's Name Change & Heard Around the House (er..backyard)

Tonight, Little Bit lived up to her "name" - although I think I need to change it to BIG BITE! She was ticked off and screaming and before I knew it - she'd bitten the you-know-what outta my arm! I'm gonna have a bruise to beat all bruises! A bruise to match the one on the back of my leg that I got last night while on the playground trying to show my kids the "knee circles" on the straight bar that I used to do as a kid. I think it's official - my childhood is truly over. I couldn't even lift my butt up high enough to get ON the bar! Anyway - my point being that as rotten as Little Bit (a.k.a. Big Bite) was today, she did something so funny I had to share it! We were all out in the back yard just hanging out and enjoying the evening. She was sitting on my lap and I was quizzing her about what animal says what. Me: What goes "Mooo!" ? Little Bit: Cow! Me: What goes "Cockadoodledo!" ? Little Bit: Uh...ROOSTER! Me: What goes "tweet tweet tweet!" ? Little Bit: A bird! Me: What says, "Quack! Quack!" ? Little Bit: A duck! Me: What says, "Honk! Honk!" ? (I was thinking of a goose or even possibly a car horn...I would have accepted either.) Little Bit: Your nose! TTFN JMS PS: In my defense - it IS ALLERGY SEASON PEOPLE!

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Light and Writing said...

That is so funny! Hey the kid knows her sounds!