Friday, June 26, 2009

More New Cards on Etsy!

Ok - so I got a little crazy with the cheez whiz last night...  before I knew it it was 11:30PM and I knew if I didn't got to bed right then and there I would be awake and crafting all night!  (Wait...that might have been fun!  Who needs sleep anyway?) These three cards are the result of my hard-won efforts!
Did it snap me outta my funk?  I don't know yet.  ...but I sure am pleased with these newest additions to My Etsy Site!

1 comment:

hannah said...

Two things....

1) If that is your hand under the bracelet that you made, we have the same hands. By the way, so did mom.

2) I wish we lived closer because I love crafts!!!!

3) You are now an aunt to officially one baby duck, with 7 more on the way!