Sunday, November 08, 2009

Follow up to "I'm Flabbergasted" (a.k.a. the last post...ya know, the one just below this one.)

I spent the entire day taking care of my sick little girl. She really did OK for most of the late morning and early afternoon, but come late afternoon early evening, her fever came back. Low-grade, but still elevated. She either gets really super grouchy or super lethargic when she's sick even a little bit, so she was quite floppy today and needed a large amount of hugs and kisses - which, of course, I was happy to give. She'll be's nothing major, I don't think - but we'll keep watching and if I think a doctor visit is in order, we'll go - insurance or no insurance! Kiddo spent most of the day with Hubby. Church this morning (he sat through the entire service and was extremely well-behaved, so I'm told) and then later this afternoon Hubby and the Chancel Choir from our church went to another church for the annual choir concert. I went last year (or maybe it was the year before), and it was an awesome experience. Hubby said, though, that if I had gone this year, I would have most likely needed an entire box of tissues. (I tend to cry if music of any kind is involved - it is a very emotional thing for me.) Then Kiddo and I went to the grocery store and to get something for all of us to eat - and then we had our Sunday night ritual (such as it is) which includes America's Funniest Videos and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Little Bit goes to bed after the videos and Kiddo hits pillow after the makeover show. I just logged into my email about 30 minutes ago to see if anything interesting was happening that I needed to know about and wouldn't you know it, I'd had ANOTHER sale on Etsy! Again from someone I do not know. I'm floored by this because I've been basically inactive on Etsy for 4 months and then I go and reactivate some listings and BAM! It's like I'm suddenly the popular kid in high school. Anyway - quite happy about the sale, but will be even more happy when my Little Bit gets better. TTFN JMS

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Victoria said...

Congrats on the etsy sale! I know we're related for sure because I can cry when the Lord's Prayer is sung! (I thought I was the only one.) Good luck with your little girl and her recovery! God Bless, Jen.