Friday, November 06, 2009

I'm Flabbergasted! (Wait...did I spell that right?)

I recently became re-acquainted with an online friend. We'd both been going through some life changes (you know, me with my job and she...well...I'm really not comfortable divulging her issues, but she was definitely in deep) and were just now able to reconnect. Ah...the wonders of FaceBook! (HA HA!) Anyway - We briefly discussed our Etsy shops and I mentioned that I'd been thinking about closing mine, but then decided not to. Last night, I spent about 15 minutes renewing several expired listings at My Shop and much to my surprise, I had a sale! I'm guessing the sale had to have happened minutes after I renewed the item, but needless to say, it flabbergasted me! How cool, eh? I think Kiddo and I will spend some quality time together (with help from Little Bit, too, of course) getting the item packaged and ready to send to my newest (and completely unknown) customer! What a boost! I feel great! Almost enough to start crafting again... My only hesitation is the fact that I really don't have anywhere to craft if I don't do it at the dining room table - and I think after the mess that was just cleaned up by my sweet and helpful hubby, he would be none-to-pleased with that. We'll see. TTFN JMS

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Anonymous said...

You could also be "gobsmacked" (brit speak) means to be suddenly smacked across the mouth (gob).

I'm always good for some brit trivia.

cool beans!

Love you, UB