Thursday, November 05, 2009

It's All Good! is good. 1) I'm employed. I'm supporting my family in the best way I know how. 2) My son is the sweetest little guy every in the world. No real reason prompting that statement...he just is. He is also getting VERY good at BEING good. At school, that is. (LOL!) He's gone 3 whole days with no "check" marks! He's very happy about it and I think the good feeling will carry him through Thursday and Friday, too. My sweet little man woke up early today and said, "Mom, before you leave for work, will you please help me pick out my clothes for school today? We forgot to do it last night." So now he's comfortably dressed in jeans, a long-sleeve collared shirt with a white stripe across the chest and his favorite Transformer light-up sneakers. He even let me cuddle with him for a few minutes without squirming to be let down. 3) Little Bit woke up this morning with a completely dry diaper! YAY! The potty training is finally taking shape! Phew! But those who have never potty trained a child don't realize just how difficulty it can be. Also, my sweet baby girl is just the sweetest, too. Again...she just is. 4) Our Baby Nalla (the dog, for those who don't know) is recovering nicely from her illness - which was a combination of several things that combined to make her lose almost 20lbs, lose most of her fur, and basically look like she was an abused and neglected urchin. She is not abused nor was she neglected - and she's FINALLY over the hump and on the road to recovery. Even her attitude is happier, which is great to see! She actually wagged her tail and smiled at me yesterday! (Yes, she smiles...goofy thing.) 5) I'm feeling the urge to craft again, but I don't want to pull everything out and make a huge mess of the living room all over again. Especially after Hubby pulled out all the stops to get it picked up! I'm feeling glad I haven't closed my Etsy shop, because maybe...just maybe...some new stuff will wind up there in the near future! I have some really great broken, natural shells that we found in St. Augustine, FL, that are just BEGGING to be made into something! Anyway - I guess I'm done for now. There's plenty more where that came from, though - so I guess you can expect to hear from me again in the very near future! Wow! Two posts, two days in a row! TTFN JMS

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting! I miss reading your blogs. Glad you had fun in FLA. Hope you guys can go back soon and do it again. Plus HB is just down the road!

Love and Hugs, UB