Monday, February 22, 2010

RSOA & Work & Kiddo & Little Bit

I spent 6 hours ( I thought it was 5, but math has never been my strong suit and it was really 6) yesterday in a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSOA) class learning all about alcohol, its effects on people based on body type/size/gender/medications/illicit drugs/mental health/emotional state etc...  How to card people effectively.  How to cut people off if they've had too much.  How to make sure folks get home safely once you have cut them off.  And on and on.
It was actually quite interesting.
I got a 96 on my test.
That means I get my Server's License from the TABC (or wherever).
That means I can continue working at Applebees for the foreseeable future.
That also means, because I've made a commitment to them, that I'll be working there every Sunday until Mid-June.  I'm going to have to make arrangements with them to come in at noon on Sundays in May, though, because I have to teach Sunday School in May.
I'm not a big fan of this whole Applebees arrangement, if truth be told.  But I did what I thought was the best thing to do when I was unemployed and seeking.  I needed to make sure I had something - anything - coming in so we didn't wind up completely destitute.
Now that I've spent an entire week at my new, full-time job, I'm feeling better about the future.  I've got a lot of learning to do about the industry I'm involved in now (Health Care) but I feel surrounded by folks who actually seem to know what they are doing, and are friendly and helpful, too.  This feels like a good start to a positive, long-term future.
I'm busier than I've ever been.  I'm definitely having trouble juggling everything.  But I think once the routine settles in, I'll be better than I've been in a very, very long time.
Quick change of subject and then I'll let you, my beloved readers, get back to your lives.  I haven't mentioned anything significant about my kids in a while, so I thought I'd do a quick update.
Kiddo is nearing his 6th birthday (March 26th).  I'm stunned.  I'm flabbergasted.  I cannot believe it's been nearly 6 years since he made his way into this world...6 weeks early and raring to go.  He's in the home stretch of Kindergarten and his teacher is very pleased with him, says he's very smart and that he'll be more than ready for 1st grade.  He's reading at nearly a 2nd grade level.  He's drawing pictures I never dreamed any Kindergartner could draw.  (I'll have to scan a couple and post them for your viewing pleasure.)  He amazes me daily.
Little Bit is nearing her 3rd birthday (March 8th).  I'm overwhelmed.  I'm a bit sad.  My baby is no longer a baby, she's a big girl.  And a princess, too.  At least, that's what she tells me.  She knows she's beautiful and blond and blue-eyed because I tell her every day.  I may be doing her an injustice by saying those things to her, but they're true.  She is beautiful.  She's also extremely smart.  Her nursery teacher at church has decided (though she's not 3 yet, which meets the minimum age requirement to do so) to move her into the Pre-K/K Sunday School class with the "big" kids...including Kiddo.  The teacher says, "She's just too smart.  She likes to play, but ultimately I think she's bored.  She get more out of class than some of the bigger kids!"
My children amaze me.  I feel like the luckiest mother in the entire world.
Just thought you should know.


Susie Q said...

So, let's recap:

you've got one amazing job
another one that's fairly secure for a while

you've got two amazing kids


I hate you a little bit right now! :D


JMS said...

Susie Q - I'm sorry you hate me a little bit. Come to Tennessee for a visit, hang out with the family, we'll have a blast. The kids will love you and you'll have me just a little less! :)


JMS said...

Er...I meant "hate me just a little less."

Man - I cannot type today!

Allie said...

So glad the new job is working out! Congratulations!!!