Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm a bad person

I kill things. Living things! Green, living things. Light and water loving things. Hubby gave me a Shamrock plant for St. Patrick's day and I've had it on the shelf in my cube ever since then. I have been very proud of myself that I've been able to keep it alive and happy this long. Yesterday - the plant was a little droopy so I gave it some water. Not a lot, just a little - so it wouldn't get too drenched and drown. My thought was that once it was semi-happy again, I'd give it a bit more water and then it would be all-happy. Today, I came in and it was yellow, completely limp and lifeless and just dead. I can't understand how in 24 hours it could do that - but it did. No amount of water or sunlight, or lack of water and sunlight, would have fixed the situation. I'm sad. It was given a proper burial - in the trash can. I have shed tears. I will miss my little Shamrock plant. May it rest in peace. Amen. TTFN JMS

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Anonymous said...

Know wha-cha mean about that. It's hard to know what's wrong with plants sometimes - too much water and too little look about the same.

I would look into tougher plants or you could go w/ plastic. I like real ones myself but I have the problem of killing them.

Love ya, UB