Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Today, I woke up

It's funny how sometimes you know you should be excited about stuff - at least anticipatory - and you can barely muster the energy required to keep your head on your shoulders? Yesterday, even with the excitement of learning about the "new job" was still an afghan day and I was really "blah" all day long. Today, I woke up. Nothing special about that, is there? Really? But I'm alive. God has seen fit to allow me to throw the covers off again, swing my feet out into the cold air of the morning-quiet house, have enough presence of mind to know I need a shower and to have the balance and marginal coordination needed to take that shower, and also to have been able to get dressed without having two different colored shoes or an inside-out shirt! He saw me safely to work. And now I am here, cup of coffee in hand, ready to face another day. Because it was His will that I do so. Definitely something to blog about, I think! Have a fantastic day - if only because you got up this morning! TTFN JMS

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